Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RIP Dear Spanky

Spankington (Spanky) Von Muller Nov 02, 2006- Sept 09, 2012.

Last Sunday was a sad day. An early morning biker woke me with a call that Spanky had been hit by a car.
I'm still not sure that is what happened or if he had a brain aneurysm since his body didn't have a mark on it and he looked peaceful. Although I miss him terribly I am grateful for the wonderful week he had right before the end. I just moved into a room at a spacious house with a big backyard and a cat door.
It was his Disneyland, I've never seen him so happy.

He was even able to host one final Garage sale last Saturday and was of course the toast of the neighborhood.

There never was or will be a legendary cat like you sweet Spanky. I'm sure Rufus is happy to see you.
Miss you little friend.

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