Friday, April 27, 2012

Just when things get a little quiet...

Someone breaks into your car! That's right folks, this pic was taken the day after but last night around 10pm at a semi local Safeway I returned from a 10 min shopping spree oranges in hand to find this treat waiting for me.
The karmic justice is that what they stole was my snazzy gym bag(which also doubles as luggage) and I had just finished working out 15 minutes before. All they scored was my sweaty gym clothes an old ipod and unfortunately my phone.

Soooo If you have my cell phone number please don't call or text it since it has been disconnected. Sometime soon I should have a new number but for now I'm still phone shopping.

On the bonus side here is what the boys did while I waited for my car window to be repaired:
Spanky said "A Bird!!"
Boz looking demure
Looks like Spanky's running for city Council with Boz as his running mate.
And classic cuteness.

Good Times.

1 comment:

Stacey said...

Oh my! Someone was super desperate. I hate thugs.
Sorry that that happened Barb!!!