Friday, October 28, 2011

Lets get silly ya'll

Sometimes life is a little intense. Great and amazing by also exhausting and intense.
So when I sense that feeling is creeping up on me I try to get silly and laugh as much as possible.
Stupid it may be but it usually saves the day everytime.
So with that in mind enjoy the following delights.

First up, Check out this costume!! If they made it for cats I swear I would get Spanky to rock this. Just looking at this costume cracks me up.
I would also create a fake city for him to attack if he ever wore something so amazing.
PS - I love dinosaurs..RAWR!

Not much to say about this one except it makes me laugh and reminds me of all those cheesy prom photos out there. Something so wrong its right about this one.

And last but not least Carl.
The first time I saw this delight I laughed so hard. It is the stupidest and most obvious jokes that usually crack me up, or a really bad pun.

Enjoy and try to be a little silly every day!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sooo....where have I been

Working on a ton of projects!
But more importantly hanging with my NY bff Brianna while she's in town with a hint of Jackie for good measure.
Sometimes partying takes precedence.

Oh, and I've read 6 new books. Its hard to stop once you've started!

More to come one day soon!