Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rockin Kid Party + Single kid/less lady = the inevitable

What am I talking about perchance? A classic cold.
Would I do it again, heck yes.
I like to party.
An my peps are fantastic.
But happy to say I'm on the mend and almost ready to be back in action thanks to a little TLC from sir Spankington. Boz however was distracted by his own tail.


Stacey said...

SOrry! Umm...love that blanket. Coveting it.

Thanks for coming to the partee. It's always a joy to have you with us.

*~Barbie Miller ~* said...

Hahaha its all good I had a great time!! I have an extra one of that blanket, let me know if your interested and I can bring it next time.