Monday, May 2, 2011

Looking for the Ultimate.......

Then you better get your behind to Fresno!
Mom and I spent a fantastic weekend with dear friends in Fresno and enjoyed delicious nom noms, fun games, fantastic company and a taste of Fresno's fab Thrift Stores.
They are truly stocked with endless delights, whew!
I really had to restrain myself since I'm trying to keep a less is more attitude to my stuff but I did end up with a few choice delights.

Delight one:
This amazing vintage trash can or hamper. I will be using it as a much needed hamper.

Delight two:
This amazing vintage little thing holder...Possibly fishing stuff or screws or maybe art supplies? I'll be using it for art and craft supplies.

Delight three:
This fantastic 1960's Uncle Wiggily board game. I got it for $4, it goes for $50 on ebay!

Delight four:
These rad vintage comics from Yoshi's. All together they cost me $1.

Delight five & six are a little trippy in the sense that I forgot I had been eyeballing the same items on etsy a month ago but opted out due to the high price. Then found them for crazy cheap at the Fulton's Follies outdoor sale:

This tray was $1 but was $30.00 on etsy.

These vintage salt & pepper shakers were $.50 but go for $20 on etsy.

I had to clean them up a little but I forgot to take before shots so what you see are the after!
I'm so happy I love them all.

Can't wait to come back to Frez, Friends I miss you already!!!

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