Friday, April 8, 2011

Well it's been a month

Since my Dad died and I have to say this week sucked, period.
It started out ok but progressively got crappier.
Everyone says its the little things that will hurt the most and indeed that is the case. I already knew this from previous lost loved ones but its stronger this time I have to admit. I would say the worst was a mid week dental appointment.

I have had the same dentist since I was little so he knows me and my whole family and see's a lot of them as patients as well. I was only going in for a teeth cleaning so it didn't seem like a problem. But when I get there and someone I've never seen before is my Dental Hygienist. Who starts rambling about how she knows one of my sisters and blah blah. Which is fine whatever, but then when I'm in the chair bib around my neck being lowered she asks me "So how is your Dad?" and I reply "He died".
I was really caught off guard otherwise I would have said it more nicely.
Then immediately following was her non-stop probing me for details asking what happened...etc.. She obviously didn't notice how uncomfortable I was and responding with increasingly shorter answers until finally I answered one of her questions with a question about the children in her photos changing the subject. I was seriously considering leaving the appointment right then and there. I really didn't think I could last an entire hour since it hadn't even started yet but what can I say I have pride so we both suffered the most awkward teeth cleaning ever.

Thankfully it is normal for a person to tear up while having their teeth poked and scraped so I didn't feel bad about that one.
Bottom line I survived and so did she but I felt out of it for the rest of the day and really made me wish I had anonymity at the dentist office.
On the up side she did a great job and my teeth feel fantastic like they always do after a cleaning there which is why I keep the same dental office.
What can you do.
Life goes on.

Next week will be better I know it.

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