Monday, April 18, 2011

Logo -A- Go Go!

So as you may know I am still plugging away at the classes required to become an official Cat volunteer at HSSV (Human Society of Silicon Valley).
Only 2 more to go so I'm pretty excited.
In the meantime I still receive volunteer e-mails and one came through requesting a logo design for an upcoming program being created called "Seniors for Seniors".

The program focuses on waiving the adoption fee for Senior pets being adopted by Senior people which is fantastic idea so I volunteered my time.
I never thought of design work as volunteering but took up the challenge and after a weekends labor sent in this finished product based on some loose color and idea outlines given by the project director:

Although it took longer than I expected I am happy with the result and so is HSSV!
The project broadened my view of volunteering but in truth I will be happy to help out actual kitties next month.

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