Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Under Construction

So what do you do when a vital block of the foundation you were built on is removed.
Loose footing and crumble or balance and rebuild?

Honestly some days a little of both,
but without a doubt I choose balance and rebuild.

So bear with me my handful of readers while I slowly try to invite back those things that make me happy and inevitably balanced.
My life as always is under construction.
I spent most of last week doing what I do best - Analyzing.
Where I'm at, Where I want to be, What I expect from myself, What is reasonable, lists, goals and so much more.
Roughing out a blueprint for the next few months.

Here is just a taste of what my construction crew has to deal with:

Working on my book dummy illustrations
(I haven't touched this since the move and its long overdue)

Hitting the Gym after work
(Like it or not I always feel better after)

Do more Non-structured Crafts and Art
(It's important to remember not to put limitations on art from time to time)

Go back to my hardcore Agro Vegan diet
(Yummy Yogurt I'll always love you, but let's just be friends)

(I only have 1 more class to complete in April and then I'm a full fledged Cat Volunteer at HSSV)

Get a full nights Sleep
(HA! a fantasy I know but I just like seeing it up here)

So there you have it.

I do want to take a quick moment and say I now truly understand the "It takes a village to raise a child" analogy.
Only replace child with person and picture a Village of your own making.
Thank you to those in my Village. I am lucky to have you and am grateful for your support.
You helped to hold up my foundation when it needed it the most.

And to my cats, the lights of my life........Whoever turned on the coffee maker when I was in the shower is in BIG FAT TROUBLE!

That is all.

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