Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Success!..and a lot of Larfs and Harfs

Galentines Day was a big hit and more importantly a fantastic reminder that there is always fun to be had with any holiday as long as you are willing to think outside the box and mold it to what makes you happy.

For those of you who are hard core Valentines Day enthusiasts or have always had an official Valentine you may not realize that often for the single gentleman or lady Valentines Day is a harsh reminder that:

A - You are unloved (and for those prone to depression unlovable)
B - Plenty of other people have Valentines which can spark the bitter why not me/whats wrong with me thoughts

I think the best comparison is to think of people with Valentines similar to the cool kids in high school. Many singles feel like outsiders looking in from under the bleachers when this holiday rolls around.

To other singles of the world especially those prone to negative thinking I say no more!
Plan your own Galentines or for single guys Dudentines day! Even if you are low on friends or they are out of town do something fun for yourself!
Decorate in a way that makes you laugh, see a movie you love or cook/bake a meal or dessert that warms your heart...skydive for crying out loud!
The most important Love on Valentines day is not only Love to and from others but also the love you give yourself.

Never forget how Fantastic you are.

You were given specific gifts,talents and traits all your own for the betterment of everyone including you!

That being said I now introduce you to this years version of Valentines day aka Galentines day:

First order of business Decorating!!! I love to be crafty and decorate so I spent last Sat putting this together and it makes me happy every time I see it.
Here is my little scene -

Now lets break it down, why...because I can.

Firstly I direct your attention upwards to the crown jewel of this holiday a hand crafted cupid by Cherie Scoffield of Unique Softique:
This sweet little guy has been hanging up there since I moved to this apt in Jan patiently waiting for February to roll around. I love seeing him every day, feels like he is watching over my fellas while I'm away.

Next my many many dream Valentines featured on this wall.

Each one of these gentleman has made me laugh hard enough to cry on more than one occasion so even seeing them up there reminds me of that and makes me want to laugh.
A free art surprise in the mail to anyone who can name all 13!

Decorations- Check, onto to the main event.

So on the day of one of my bff's Jackie aka Jackpot Ferrari came by to celebrate.
Before she arrived I decided to step the humour up a notch and dress up my fellas as our surrogate dates.

A Spiffy Spanky -

A Dapper Bozley -
Luckily the fellas were ready just in time for Jackie to arrive with Rubios Fish Tacos..aka... stage 1.

Stage 2 was eating said delish taco's while watching one of the funniest 30 Rock episodes from season 4 titled "Anna Howard Shaw Day" with a singles Valentines theme.
Laugh Laugh Laugh...Chew Chew Chew.. and onto stage 3.

Stage 3 was making chocolate chip cookies from scratch while wearing cute aprons and baking them in a special heart shaped baking tin.
This process was more time consuming and fun than expected so instead of stage 4, watching Final Sacrifice, we opted for just spending the rest of the evening baking all the cookie dough, listening to music from Pandora and chatting/laughing our rumps off.
(PS - if you don't know what Pandora is you HAVE to check it out. Its free and pics songs for you based on any artist you list. I am an official Pandora convert..it Rocks!)
Artist of choice to start Pandora going......Julian Casablancas of course.
Here are some action shots of Stage 3:

Cookie dough making in progress with cute aprons in attendance-

Jackie testing out my pot holder, I'm happy to say it pasted muster-

Folding in the glorious white and chocolate chips.
Why do I look so serious? Its called a poker face folks..I was laughing moments before. I do indeed know when to hold em and know when to fold em....into the cookie dough that is.HA!

A final hail mary before they go into the oven-

Our dates sniffing the air and approving the fruits of our labour-

A taste test by our resident dare devil-

Then success!,rawkus applause and hand shaking and back patting all around-
Then repeat that process roughly 10 times with rockin tunes in the background.

Rounding out the evening with pets and chin rubs for our pleasant and hospitable dates-

Eventually the stars grew bright and the yawns lengthy thus ushering a close to our joyous Galentines Day.

Good fun was had by all.

Can't wait to see what fun idea presents itself next year!


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