Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Punxsutawney Phil Says....

Springs a comin soon! No shadow for Phil today.

Of course this day must always go hand in hand with the Movie "Groundhog Day" (A personal all time fav) with the fantastic Bill Murray.

That movie is such a great reminder about the choice we each have to do something rewarding with our time and that if we are willing to do the things that make us happy everyone else is affected positively in return.
Since January was a tornado month for me I’m using today as a chance to remind myself what my goals are for this year and what enriches my life.
A big eye opener when doing my birthday 31 good things was that when I made a point to do something nice for others everyday (outside of normal politeness) even when I wasn't in the mood not only did it brighten their day and mine but I was also left with a joyful anticipation about what opportunity would present itself next.

Light Bulb.

I think that deserves to be an ongoing routine so every month starting with February I plan to do a good deed every day. Some days it may be a small thing like a smile to a stranger and others it might be a big one like helping someone move. Who Knows!
It will be an interesting adventure to see what comes along every day.
What would you do if you had all the time in the world like Phil in Groundhog Day?

PS - Check out this cute Groundhog Day Snack . Graham cracker in chocolate pudding.
You can find the recipe here -

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Stace said...

This movie gives me a cramp for days because it's so funny.

" that you..It's me...Ned Rhyerson..

Probably got that wrong...but I love that annoying guy. This and Wedding Singer is a must when you come.