Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Late Birthday Shelly Dear

I am indeed regrettably late with this post which should have been done Feb 13th Shelly's actual birthday.
Life is a big amazing ball of crazy these day and that’s all there is to it.
The last few days I have been hearing and seeing the name Shelly everywhere so I think she’s giving me a gentle reminder to get with the program.

Sooo to make up for it I bring you this awesomeness:

I know I've shared it before but I mean just look at this picture, how cute can you get. Hard to beat.
This is just one of the many hilariously fantastic birthday parties Shelly had growing up. Cherie Shelly's mom always outdid herself and is one of the most talented and creative people I know.
No wonder her daughters turned out so amazing!
In the above pic we were told to come to the party dressed as bag ladies and as an activity paired up and went on a door to door scavenger hunt.
Stacey and I made an unstoppable team and needless to say won the coveted prize which I believe was 2 pop rock packs for each of us.
It didn’t hurt that the first house we went to had all the stuff we needed.
Ah to be young.
The following years party was a sleep over, big stuff! The morning after we played sleeping bag hide and seek which is a great pre-breakfast game.
I believe Amy Nugent won 3 times in a row!

And the year after that Cherie threw Shelly a surprise party and got us party goers each fancy bear shaped cardboard treat bags with candy in them.
They were hidden in their backyard as party favors like an Easter egg hunt.
It was way fun but I remember on the day of one bag went missing and was the mystery of the party.
A week later Shelly and I found it behind a bush where it had fallen from its original hiding place.
It was sooo soggy and for some reason we thought that was the funniest thing in the world and kept offering each other a treat from it in high class British accents “For you Madam”, “Why thank you, indubitably” “Tis no trouble good lady”.
Obviously we didn’t actually eat any of the candy but we laughed so hard I remember my ribs hurting. It still makes me laugh to think about.

Shelly taught me so many lessons simply by her example but the biggest by far was to laugh, be silly and just go on an adventure.
I always wanted to plan and prepare before any trip even small ones but Shelly always said “Let’s just go. It will work out. Come on this is going to be great!”.
So when she said go, I went.
And of course she was always right, it was great because she made it great.

No matter where I am or what I'm doing when February 13th rolls around I always take some quiet time to dig deep into my memory bank and allow all the warm and joyous memories of Shelly Scoffield flood my heart.

Though her life here was short her affect on those lucky enough to know her cannot be measured as I'm sure they passed that light onto others.
What a great reminder that we should all be mindful of who we are in deed and example not on paper.
And.....that if you’re not happy change it!, start now!, I’m sure it will turn out great!

Sweet girl I wish we could hang out today and grab a burrito.
I’d love to hop into your rad stick shift ride and share a laugh as you stall out in traffic like you did on the way to seminary so many mornings.
I’m sure we could find a remaining Unamas!


Mara said...

Barbie, I love this post! I don't usually check your blog, but I stumbled upon it through Stacy's. I totally remember that party! How awful is that wig I'm wearing? Too funny. You capture our friend so well. Love that girl. Hope things are going well.

*~Barbie Miller ~* said...

Hey Mara,
How funny and what a small world it is!
Things are great hope they are with you too.
I love your wig it is so rad!