Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Welcome Bozley!!

Well Folks, I really was not planning on getting a new cat for a very long time but over the last couple weeks little Spanky has gotten increasing depressed and listless. Me no likey.
While considering my options I encountered the perfect cat for Spanky through the amazing Human Society of Silicon Valley website -
He is 10 months old and was described as loving people and other cats, Super friendly, outgoing, chatters and purrs a ton and LOVES pets.
Now if you know Spanky that pretty much describes him as well I ran to the Human Society to check this kitty out.
Well I went in and he was even MORE friendly that I could have expected and gentle and lovey at the same time. So he came home that night.
Now he is happily hanging out in my bathroom until the 5 day waiting period is over and he and spanky can become BFF'S foreva. (I thought it was 10 days mandatory but turns out it can be 5 days-2 weeks)
I haven't had a long hair cat in a while so I had to stock up on some grooming supplies to keep him nice and fluffy.
The greatest thing about not getting a tiny kitten is that my 10 month old doesn't need any shots for a year and is old enough that he knows all the basic kitty stuff and isn't fragile.
Originally named Icicle he has now been christened Bozley AKA Boz AKA Sugar Boz.
This cat is sooo sweet and fluffy he was briefly named sugarfoot so on occasion I still call him Shug.
And now for a few picks:

Here is Boz telling me that he would like a belly rub
Now Boz would like me to put the camera down and deliver a cheek rub

And finally Boz making his request more clear by stroking my cheek and the camera. He is crazy sweet.

Once Boz and Spanky meet I'll post a little video.
It is impossible to capture how fluffy he is on camera.

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