Thursday, January 6, 2011

Goodbye dear Wolfie

Wolfgang (Wolfie) Von Muller April 01, 2009- Jan 06, 2011.

Sadly my sweet cat Wolfie had to be put to sleep tonight due to complications with a Urinary Tract Blockage.
He was a brave sweet boy to the very end and I miss him very much.
It's hard to believe I've lost another one so young, not even 2 this time.

Wolfie in your short little life you taught me many lessons most importantly that love and persistence makes all the difference.
I will miss your silky soft fur, love of faucets and water, jaunty jumps, sweet squeaky mews, quiet gentle purrs, excitement about everything and the way you would perk up when I called your name and snuggle close when lap napping.
I hope you know I did my best for you in every way possible.
I am grateful for every minute we shared. Even the challenging ones that taught me patience.
Thanks for spending your time here with me.
I miss you little friend.

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Stace said...

Cute little cat. Oh Barbie...I feel your aches and pain. Take care of yourself. Do something fun for you.

Thinking of you...