Thursday, January 20, 2011

And on we go you can imagine my remaining cat Spanky is a little lonely these days especially at night time.
To help him transition I have been letting him sleep with me.
Which is fine and dandy at night when I first fall asleep.
He sleeps like an angel at the bottom of the bed but come 2 or 5am and what you see in the video below happens exactly as shown.
Minus the baseball bat and dirty apt., cause mine is nice and clean.

Which is always followed by me stumbling, half asleep to the crunchy cupboard to silence my little ray of sunshine. Then stumbling back to bed.
I wasn't planning on getting a new cat for a long while but loss of sleep has made me very open to the idea if the right kitty crosses my path.

PS - Ignore the lame commercial

1 comment:

Stace said...

Hilarious! You poor thing. I do feel your pain! Sleep is precious and when it's interrupted...Oi!

To better nights with out the Spankster buggin'....