Thursday, December 2, 2010

Things are swinging into high gear

Yes folks my 31st year is off and running.
I was hoping it would be fun yet restful..HA! I was of course mistaken, silly me.
Remember when I said I enjoyed every bit of life, even the hard parts? Well someone sure heard me.
Nine days into 31 and I'm climbing mount Everest. What do I mean ? Funny you should ask...I'm moving.
If you know me you know I haven't moved in the last 11 years so not really a big fan but intense circumstances have broken my "drama free" code so I'm off and running.
Signed a new lease today and everything.
But despite all this I still love life every ounce of it, even this Character building opportunity I'm enjoying.
Since I work hard to stay positive under any and all circumstances I am focusing not on what lead to this, how horrifying it was or how much work and upheaval it will be but instead on the following positive factors:

1 - I get to Decorate a new place from scratch. That is pretty much my number one happy place right now and thank god for it.
2 - I will no longer have a roommate (excluding the furry ones who don't pay rent)or have to do what I call "The parade of freaks" to obtain one.
3 - I get to consolidate my possessions even more and organize them to a ridiculous level. I'm talking a storage & closet legend map people.
4 - Some place new
5- I'll be living on a hill so steep it rivals Everest...which means after a month of visiting the local market I'll have the legs of a goat herder. Hopefully a female one.
6- There is an indy comic book store and a vinyl record store in my local vicinity.

Please don't send mail of any kind until after I am settled in my new place. I promise I will send you my new address if you currently have it.

Through everything even the blood, sweat and tears life goes on and thank god for it.


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Stace said...

Whoa Daddy! This is CAARazy news. We need to chat and we need to chat fast. I hope you are ok.

It's always nice to have a new change. Even after 11 years. Can't wait to see where your circus wall is gonna be!!!