Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Undefeated Bedroom Tetris Champion

Yup, that's me, the ultimate Bedroom Tetris Champion. How do I know?

Why, because when I finished my most recent 6 hour game of said Tetris I found hidden bonus prizes:

1 - Double Score - Firstly, I not unlike Indiana Jones uncovered serious archaeological treasure in the form of an old childhood jewelry box. I haven't seen this sucker since I was roughly 10 so that was an instant blast from the past.
Double score when I found it included some cute necklaces I LOVED back in the day which I of course plan to put into current rotation.
Since I'm good and old now they fit like chokers which suits me just fine.

2- Super Bonus Supreme - Under a bookshelf I found this picture from my 4 year old birthday party. This may seem like no big deal to the average reader but you should know I am INSANELY organized when it comes to old photos.
I have them archivally stored in boxes by year away from light ....so to have a stray lone picture with the cutest little Shelly of all time dimpling over a Lollipop.
I would definitely call that a Super Bonus Supreme with extra lollipop points.

FINAL SCORE - Undefeated Bedroom Tetris Champion (Imagine the Rocky theme song playing)

PS - My room is even MORE organized than before which is definitely saying something.
All hail to the bedroom Tetris queen...let the art projects begin!

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