Friday, November 26, 2010

I Turned 31!

Yup that's right this little pain in the butt turned 31, boy do I know how to party check out the guest list above.

First birthday order of business is the official birthday cupcake:

1986 Cupcake

2010 Cupcake! (Yes the frosting is made to look like grass with sugar flowers and a ladybug. Oh yeah and it is on a paper doillie & comes with a tiny spork. Pure class.)

It was a mellow yet fantastic birthday just my fav. Lazy sleep in, wake up & feed the felines, drive to my doctors in Pacifica (= amazing beach time), cupcake hang out with Jackpot Ferrari, Scrumptious tofu to die for and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World movie watching with the Shahinator. Thanks again to everyone who called, sent cards, gave shout outs or sent presents I loved it all and it made my grinchy heart grow 3 sizes.

I also did one of my favorite birthday activities which is to make a goal list for my 31st year. Here are just a few of the many I hope to tackle:

Run a 10k
Create Handmade Cards for all Birthdays
Make a Monthly Mix Tape with Handmade Cover
Ride a Segway!
Volunteer for the Humane Society
Have a Waterballoon fight
Do something for the 1st time all the time (at least once a month)

Here is a clip of my cat's enjoying the greatest Birthday card ever, thanks Bonnie!

"What is life for? It is for you" ~ Abraham Maslow



Nicole said...

Hey! can I be your enemy for the water balloon fight???

Stace said...

Sweet goals.

Like a Rock...Ohhh like a rock.

Just felt like singing that. Hope you enjoyed G's rendition.

*~Barbie Miller ~* said...

You can and are officially my water balloon nemisus.

I loved it SOOOO Bad and was in heaven. Brought back those rad CVille road trip days. You guys did the damn thing.
I saved that message and listened to it right before I ate that cupcake since Jackie and I were in public and she didn't want to sing :)

pussman said...

That is soo funny! They are really interested!! I love cat's!!. couldn't live without them.