Tuesday, November 23, 2010

31 Good Things in 13 Days

Well I did it! Whew! It was really a close call for a while since I caught a heavy cold last weekend but I finished the last one today and it was totally worth it.
Turns out once you get started it's hard to stop and I actually did more than 31, I think it was closer to 40-45.
The picture above is of my "Leave 31 Sunny surprises in the world". I left one of these "You are Amazing" bubbles on 31 doorsteps in my town.
Just as a reminder here are the 31 completed:

Buy a month’s supply of Half & Half for the entire office to share (Everyone at work was in heaven!)
Wash my roommates dishes
Give my cats a full hour of uninterrupted play time everyday
Pay 31 strangers compliments
Make someone laugh
Send out 13 e-cards

Bake cookies for each of my neighbors
Make someone smile
Dance a silly Dance
Sing a silly song
Send 13 postcards
Re-Start Saturday Kitty Soul Train

Leave 31 Sunny surprises in the world (You are Amazing bubbles)
Donate things to Goodwill or a Charity (Donated to Human Society of Silicon Valley!)
Call a friend just to say hi
Give spare change to someone who needs it
Forgive everyone
Send someone a mystery Handmade card

Scatter 10 lucky pennies
Leave 13 nice blog comments
Make lunch for a friend (Yay for green smoothies!)
Hijack a friend for an impromptu adventure (Bowling on a Monday at 9pm)
Give away a Handmade surprise to a lucky blog reader (Greeting Cards Hooray)
Pet a dog

Share 3 recipes
Help someone cloud watch
Mail a just because package (Mailed 3!)
Ask 13 strangers about their day
Leave 13 silly voice messages for friends
Do 31 random acts of kindness (Too many to count!)
Do every good thing that presents itself each of the 13 days

Turns out it happened to be at least 2 people's birthday on the day I left this surprise and I had no idea and it made their day. So many amazing things happened through out this crazy ride.

The only cautionary note I would give is 13 days is a really short time I'd say give yourself a month if your going to try this so you can go at your own pace.
I wouldn't change a thing but it was intense.

Now I am totally ready for some birthday ZZZ's tomorrow...


Robin said...

Thanks for sweet comment. I think your "31" adventure is an awesome idea! Happy Birthday!

Nicole said...

31 more reasons why you're the coolest chick on this planet!

Stace said...

You are so amazing. I wish I could have been there for the kitty soul train!

Love the homemade cards! I love winning. It made my day!!