Thursday, November 11, 2010

31 Good Things in 13 Days

In 13 days my 31st birthday will be coming in for a landing.
Can't wait, every year is an adventure! (I even love the uphill ones through the desert with no water. I mean how else would I learn to bring some next time.)

And if you know me you know that aside from Art and Cats the only thing I love more is to give, even if its just a smile.
So when browsing Christine Castro's fantastic blog ~ as I often do*, I was delighted to find she created a 35 Good Things Birthday challenge for her upcoming 35th birthday ~

Boy I fell in love with the idea..HARD.. and couldn't wait to try it on for size.
And guess what, it fits, like a glove!
So starting today 11/11/10 I will be doing the following 31 good things until midnight November 23rd, so that on the blessed 24th when I gain some new wrinkles, grey hairs and a heaping spoonful of wisdom I can sleep in knowing I had 13 days of fun:

Buy a month’s supply of Half & Half for the entire office to share
Wash my roommates dishes
Give my cats a full hour of uninterrupted play time everyday
Pay 31 strangers compliments
Make someone laugh
Send out 13 e-cards

Bake cookies for each of my neighbors
Make someone smile
Dance a silly Dance
Sing a silly song
Send 13 postcards
Re-Start Saturday Kitty Soul Train

Leave 31 Sunny surprises in the world
Donate things to Goodwill or a Charity
Call a friend just to say hi
Give spare change to someone who needs it (If no one donate to charity)
Forgive everyone
Send someone a mystery Handmade card

Scatter 10 lucky pennies
Leave 13 nice blog comments
Make lunch for a friend
Hijack a friend for an impromptu adventure
Give away a Handmade surprise to a lucky blog reader
Pet a dog

Share 3 recipes
Help someone cloud watch
Mail a just because package
Ask 13 strangers about their day
Leave 13 silly voice messages for friends
Do 31 random acts of kindness
Do every good thing that presents itself each of the 13 days

So there you have it.
As Christine says "I hope you'll play along with me! If you choose to do a good thing, leave a comment and tell me how it went."
Make sure to check out the famous Christine and her blog that started it all ~

*Seriously Christine Castro is an artistic and crafty Rock Star. She is the craft equivalent of the Beatles. I recommend waiting to check out her blog and blog archives until the kids are in bed, the dishes are done and you can curl up with a warm cup of something, a soft blanket and lose yourself in her blog ~

**Thanks Christine for the magnificent idea. All credit, praise and cookies go directly to you!!**



christine said...

Aw, shucks! Thanks so much for the kind words. I don't know if I can live up to them all, but I will try.

I love your list of good things. Have a blast! Get ready for some goodness to come your way in return. It's magic.

*~Barbie Miller ~* said...

Thanks, your the best never doubt it! I totally agree the magic has begun and I can't wait for more.

Stace said...

so cool! i love this idea.