Saturday, July 24, 2010

At Long Last.....

No need to pinch yourself folks this is not a drill, yes I'm actually updating this blog.
Time is rare these days so I don't expect to be doing to much posting until mid October at the earliest.
Since I choose to always focus on the positive here are a few things :

A few more notable points:

My cat Winston's name has been changed to Wolfgang aka Wolfie. What can I say sometimes you name your cat to soon and have to make adjustments based on personality.

I recently found the remaining cabbage patch bunny slipper from a pair my mom made one Easter.
The bunny slippers were made to match a set of ruffled jammies for my cabbage patch.
I love that my name is written in the slipper just in case it got lost or mixed up with my sisters. Slippers and Jammies on said Easter morning pictured below:


Julianne said...

That shot of you on the ladder with your dad is adorable! And how fun that you're going to Italy; I'm glad you have a trip to look forward to.

*~Barbara Miller ~* said...

Thank Ju I agree & can't wait!