Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Memory Lane

Today I am filled with memories of sweet Shelly . I miss her everyday and the many inside jokes we shared.
This morning a particular memory caught in my mind so I thought I’d share it.

Shelly always had a plan. She was the undisputed leader of our little rag tag neighborhood group which consisted of Shelly, me, Troy, Stacey and for a limited time Darcie and Tracy. We were happy to fall in line. On Saturdays, blissfully free of school I would usually come knocking on the Scoffield’s door as early as I could get away with. If distracted I’d find someone knocking on mine. This Saturday I got a phone call from Shelly around 10am which meant one thing, a plan. Shelly said “I think we need to go on a picnic how soon can you be ready? Bring your bike and $1.25”. After scrounging around for $1.25 I raced over there and after letting myself in found Shelly busy in the kitchen preparing our feast. Which consisted of chicken flavored top ramen noodles she was making in the microwave. I was impressed. She also included a slice of Sco bread a piece. Once she had finished packing the soup in Tupperware we each got our assignments. Shelly was going to bring the soup and napkins in her backpack, Stacey was going to bring the spoons and bread in her backpack (So they would stay dry) and I was going to bring the blanket. Turned out the blanket wouldn’t fit in the spare backpack so Shelly had the excellent idea to attach it to me with a rope. After 2 tries this worked like a charm and I was again impressed by her quick thinking. Before leaving Shelly called up the stairs asking Troy if he was coming. He said he was busy. Shelly told him we would be at the park if he wanted to come by later. Shelly, Stacey and I rode our bikes loaded with supplies to Serra Park feeling very grown up. Shelly’s location of choice was on a hill near the tennis courts in viewing distance of the small back parking lot. I didn’t question the spot thinking it was as good as any and assumed Shelly knew what she was doing. After the untying and setting up the blanket we laid out our picnic taking time to make it look as professional as possible. During the meal we talked about our current favorite Nintendo games differing between CastleVania and Paperboy. Then we deliberated on whether to play tag or cloud watch. Shelly had the good sense as always to say “We should clean up first then lay on the blanket for a while, if we play tag someone could barf”. Truer words were never spoken. While we were looking up at the clouds and trying to identify the shapes as animals Stacey asked Shelly why we had to bring a dollar and twenty five cents. Shelly proudly told us that she had seen an ice cream truck circle the tiny Serra Parking lot we were near 2 weekends in a row. When he came we would get ice cream. Stacey and I were very excited as ice cream trucks rarely came by and praised Shelly’s plan. We waited 2 hours for the ice cream truck to come but no luck. Shelly had had enough and again came up with a plan. “Between the 3 of us we have more than 3 dollars and we are right next to Safeway, let’s just buy a box of popsicles. “she said. After roughly a second of thought we all agreed this was an brilliant idea. Shelly and Stacey rode to Safeway and I stayed to guard our picnic stuff (after stating my popsicle preferences). They returned shortly with a small box of creamsicles containing 4 bars. While peeling the wrappers and preparing to enjoy our treat we began speculating what to do with the extra creamsicle. As luck would have it that was the exact time Troy decided to stop by. Needless to say we were not initially inclined to give up our paid for ice cream but after some persuasive words from Troy along the lines of “Mom said to share, you better or I’m telling. Come on you have a extra that one’s mine!” we all gave in.
While the 4 of us were mid popsicle we watched in disbelief as the ice cream truck rode slowly through the tiny Serra Park parking lot near us. After some conversation we decided our ice cream was better since the stick the creamsicle came on turned out to have a joke stamped on it. Freeze tag and bike riding ensued.


greg.stacey.jonas said...

I remember this! So funny.

Thank you for having such a great memory. I love to hear your stories.

You are amazing. Thanks for the sweet package. So thoughtful.

cheriesco said...

Barbalots....again thank you for the special gifts and love for Shell. Maybe with all of this talk she'll catch on that we need a comment from her on your blog or a quick flyby just for fun. We don't need much just a peek, a wink or a nod...okay already??? Seriously, Bill and I adore you and always will. love, scoparents