Thursday, May 7, 2009


That's right folks after much ado I have found the new Captain to Spanky's Tennille.
His name is Winston aka Winnie aka Wyn Wyn.
He is a 2 month old boy kitten with brown eyes(not green the flash does that) who I was lucky enough to rescue from the amazing Humane Society of Silicon Valley.
Seriously if your ever looking for a new addition to your family this is the place to come no question.

Anyway back to Winnie. So he is very sweet and loves to purr but also loves to play non-stop and if you get in his way you might get a little bite. and let me tell you kitten teeth are mighty sharp, Yow! haha definitely a training opportunity.
He is currently running wild in the bathroom and after 10 days will get to meet the one and only Spanky and that will be interesting I'm sure.
(Your supposed to wait 10 days so any kitten colds the little one has won't be given to your normal cat.)
Updates to follow as the story unfolds.

Moments before the alleged bite:

Acting Demure and pretending the bite never happened:

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