Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Doo

Whats a sure fire pick me up when your feelin low ?...get a hair cut.
I've been needing one for about a month and was hoping to get to it before Cannonville but alas no time. Anyway better late then never, and since I'm trying to grow it out its a slight shade darker than my natural color so when it fades it will be just right. This pic is misleading as my hair is normally wavy. When its been straightened it feels a little like I'm wearing a wig.

PS - Spanky's method of coping is to make a fort out of my bedspread.


greg.stacey.jonas said...

Your hair looks so FAB! I like it straight. The color is awesome. Good pick-me-up for sure.

Take care

*~Barbara Miller ~* said...

Haha thanks Dace!