Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm a lucky duck

Because I didn't get one of these last week, and neither did my mom.

The down side to that of course is that one of my closest friends did. Hard times are just that..Hard.

Thank god for cartoons and rice crispy treats!


greg.stacey.jonas said...

Still stuck on those rice krispies treats huh?

Thank goodness you weren't laid off. I'd have you come be my nanny. Tempted? HAHAHa.

Keep on keeping on.

Yoshi's swap was cool. I didn't buy anything cuz I didn't have time, but it was cool to see artwork .

*~Barbara Miller ~* said...

hahah they are my one and only stomach approved treat! haha.
Nanny position ha I'm hired!! I'd be in Jonas heaven!!
OH man I wished I could have gone, Yoshi's always rocks.