Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stanford is an interesting place

So recently I've been noticing a lot of funny and random things around Stanford. Mostly insane things people wear or just random interesting "Only at Stanford" sightings. I eventually plan on sketching some of the funnier ones and maybe putting a little memory book together.
Anyway, one such sighting was on the way to work this morning. Construction is always going on at SU so it is not unusual to be stuck behind some huge machine when driving around campus, However when I pulled into campus drive making my way to the office I ended up behind a huge filthy yellow machine with one special note.

On top of the machine near the exhaust tube was a brown stuffed rabbit very securely fastened on each side with a thin wire. This rabbit was small and looked exactly like the one in the children's book "The velveteen rabbit". (The pic below is literally what it looked like)

As I continued to follow behind the vehicle I was faced with this sweet simple rabbit looking back at me. The longer I remained behind the male driver I began to notice the rabbit had been taken care of. Even though the machine was filthy the rabbit was clean and had obviously been attached for a while.
I fell in love with that image and the contrast of a guy driving a big macho messy machine with a sweet homey touch.
Only at Stanford.

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Julianne said...

Bunny on a bulldozer. Who'd a thought? But what a great way to start the day, with something so unexpected and so darling.