Monday, November 3, 2008

Be Joyful Always

10 years have gone by since her passing and it feels like a moment.
Looking back over photos and remembering Shelly I am struck by how much Joy she had in living.
Even through her toughest trials and darkest moments she still found joy and reasons to be grateful. Not only joy but downright fun.
When I think of all the shenanigans we got into over the years, mostly inspired by her brilliance, it makes me laugh and feel lucky to have known her.
I mean how many people can create a puppet show at the drop of a hat and perform it for family and neighbors, or a fortune teller in the garage next to the bikes who predicts porches for all, or last minute picnics at Serra park that end in tag and Popsicles.
I hope those who were lucky enough to know her remember to find joy in all things and to live the life you want to live full of wonder and delight.
Face the good with gratitude and the bad with fortitude.
I miss you more than ever Shel-Bel you were and still are an unstoppable inspiration.


the cattons said...

well said. thank you for that

cheriesco said...

You are amazing! We love you more every day.

a + g said...

perfectly said barbsalot! seriously beautiful! It touched me so. love you.