Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

from my cube at the office!
(incase your unaware the delightful decorations are the amazing creations of the talented Cherie Scoffield!)


the cattons said...

Love it. Sort of how my living room looks as well. What would we do without those little guys. You;re lucky...I never got a huge one! Guess I better get my order in for next year.

Love ya

cheriesco said...

Hi Barbie. Your blog is so much fun! Stacey called me today to tell me to check it out. Your artwork gets cuter all the time. Your creativity is extrodinary!
Keep it coming! Love you girl!

*~Barbara Miller ~* said...

Thats a high compliment coming from a creative genius like Cherie Sco!! My love for your work has only increased with age!