Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shell-Bell, Beezop, Cookie Mau Mau, Froggie = Shelly Anne Scoffield

Shelly was my neighbor, my dear friend and surrogate sister. I love her so much I can't begin to describe what a loss her passing was, there are no words.

We grew up close only 1 court away, in houses built almost identically down to the laundry shuts! Each in a family with 7 kids all roughly around the same ages.

The Scoffields always felt like the second half of my family.
Many of my earliest memories include the Sco's and Shelly.

Shelly, Troy, Stacey and I were always at each others house and up to crazy shenanigans. Shelly was the oldest of us 4 and always the leader.

She was the most fun and had the best slumber parties and definitely the best Birthdays!

No matter what was going on she was there... to lend an ear, crack a joke or play some crazy guitar solo...

Even through my hippie faze!!!

On rainy days I still expect to get her call asking if I want to come over and play a board game with standard issue hot chocolate and fresh baked bread from Scomom.

I miss her every day and wish she could just come home.

Someone so strong and beautiful must be forever.


A & G said...

Love it Barbs. She was one of a kind! Love you! I loved seeing all the pictures it brought back such a flood of memories! You have a talent woman!!!

stooslove said...

Couldn't have said it any better. I'm crying! Man it's bitter sweet. Thanks for your thoughts and especially for the box. Jonas has tatoos all over him right now. Probably didn't look so good at church. I even put one on Greg!
Love you B.